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Case Study: Pilot Lite Group

Expert Oral Therapy at Home

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Pilot Lite Case Study - Expert Oral Therapy at Home

Cutting edge hydrodynamic technology to deliver next-generation teeth cleaning and dental stain removal:  a step change cleaning device for those with complex oral hygiene needs.


The challenge

People today have a far greater awareness and understanding of the benefits of active dental self-care and hygiene, creating demand for solutions to provide these benefits.  Increasing numbers of people are investing in orthodontics/braces, implants and the prevention of gum disease in order to provide a healthier smile for longer.  Given that the incidence of periodontitis in older people in the developed world is estimated at approximately 50% and orthodontics penetration is estimated at approximately 30%, this alone provides a total addressable market of around 200 million customers concerned with improving their dental hygiene and needing more intelligent oralcare beyond just traditional toothbrushes and toothpastes.


The solution

Our hydrodynamic cleaning technology uses fluid and air dynamics and patented nozzle technology to deliver 99% plaque and bacteria removal through the action of micronised water particles combined with a unique range of flavoured cleaning fluids and fluoride additives colliding on the surface of teeth and gums to clean even the most difficult and sensitive areas gently and effectively.  This technology is part of platform of 40 licensed patents covering a variety of key jurisdictions, with more planned.

Internal analysis suggested that this technology is more advanced than existing market alternatives and consumer testing indicates strong interest as a dental stain remover and cleaner for more specialist oralcare needs.  This proven patented technology has evolved into a proof of concept device which is in the process of being refined by a leading industrial and consumer product design firm for mass manufacture.

Our target launch date is early 2021 via a multi-channel approach including professional and insurance channels, and direct to consumer.