Our accelerated, de-risked and delivery focused approach is more valuable to our clients than producing more strategy documents littered with consultancy speak.

Tangible delivery requires implementation, not just strategic thinking and paper proposals.

It means having no place to hide. It requires intellect, real experience and expertise, adaptability and speed of thought and action. It requires perseverance and flexibility. We know that teams make businesses, not individuals or other fads like “entrepreneurs in residence.”

We back our own skills to deliver a project.

If we do not hit milestones we do not get our success fees. This means we are more focused, quicker, more efficient and effective. It also means we say “no” to clients and advise them not to go further if we do not believe in a project.

We use people with 20+ years’ experience of successfully implementing projects similar to the ventures under consideration, not people 20+ years of age.


We focus on delivery. We bring together disciplined entrepreneurship, knowledge of consultancy thinking and models and an understanding of how corporates think and behave.

We often say “No” to projects. They must be viable, valuable and financeable. We have a strong, adult, culture, focused on getting the job done. We have a strong track record of achievement working with major international names.

The five things we do to make Venture Management work

There are five characteristics that underpin our approach to Venture Management – and it is our belief that without each of them, Venture Management cannot function.

  1. We adopt a systemic approach
  2. We employ specialist people
  3. We have developed specialist tools and methodologies
  4. We share risk and reward with our clients
  5. There is no hiding place – we propose solutions with the mindset that we will be asked to deliver and launch them

“Disciplined entrepreneurialism” is not an oxymoron but the missing ingredient.

Pilot Lite Ventures

Our approach can be described as “Disciplined entrepreneurialism”. Corporates have discipline, risk management, procedure, and governance. Entrepreneurs have energy, creativity, freedom to adapt and operate. What delivers is the proven blend of both – turning a good idea into a real business.

“We are a very untrusting bunch, we don’t believe what we see online or what others tell us. We find out for ourselves."

Pilot Lite Ventures

We assess firstly whether a project or venture is viable, valuable or financeable. We do this through a unique Venturing Matrix Tool containing 170 variables, each of which is weighted. This approach is not built on theory but empirical evidence gathered from the “boots up”.

"We do not want entrepreneurs or seasoned executives looking for a cushy consultancy role.”

Pilot Lite Ventures

We assess potential specialists by looking at their appetite for risk, examine proven case studies, and ensure that they have the right mind set. We require someone who has the approach of a disciplined entrepreneur, who understands the consultancy models and the client (corporate) mind set. These individuals are quite rare.

We work with leading corporates to validate and de-risk the acceleration of innovation, stranded IP or businesses.
We identify new channels, partners and business models in global emerging and developed markets, commercially validating across the supply and distribution chain from “disruptive origination” and raw materials to sales and first revenues. We help get their ventures out of The Valley of Death – the place in companies where good ideas go to die.

We have applied our “disciplined entrepreneurialism” to over 100 corporates worldwide, asking constantly whether a venture is “viable, valuable and financeable.”

We are the first Venture Management company.

The elements

What we provide

1. Sector specialists

We deploy sector specialists with over 20 years’ hard-won experience from our network of over 100 carefully selected individuals. They gather the data – “boots up” not “desktop down” – to launch your business. Not like management consultancies who rely on research agencies.

2. Hard validation

We provide forensic validation of the venture. We ensure rigour and clarity as to the process, applying disciplined entrepreneurialism to the process which as quickly as possible leads to a “go/no-go” decision on whether to proceed. We know that people and partners lie – we do not trust data unless we have validated it.

3. Forecasting

We provide financial forecasting based on real projections rather than what everyone wants to see. We deploy investment grade financials which are designed to pass muster in the real world, not just through internal processes. We provided detailed market analysis – only with this quality of forecasting is it possible to make a confident “go/no-go” decision.

4. Third parties

We work with all necessary third parties, whether suppliers, partners, distributors and channels, creating in-principle agreements and then negotiating hard to get the best deal in for our clients.

5. Governance

This is a key element of any project but one which can easily be underestimated when the focus is on data gathering, modelling and deciding whether to take a venture forward. How a project is managed and controlled, by whom and under what jurisdiction, is an essential issue and one which we address with full rigour. Clients and investors expect, rightly, nothing less.

6. Detailed marketing

Embedded in our business plans and modelling is a detailed marketing plan. We ensure that we understand the customers we want to reach and the best way of reaching them. All based on hard, validated data and experience.

7. Bespoke marketing

We provide bespoke marketing communications strategies and brands based on what has worked and then work with internal or external agencies to design and execute.

8. Testing

It is not just data that we test and validate, it is the partners that you are considering joining with, whether they are in the supply chain, distribution chain, finance or marketing. We also look closely at your competitors and the customers you aim to reach. We do not rely on second hand information to test assumptions.

9. Commercialization

We deploy commercial experience – not theoretical models – to accelerate work by eradicating assumptions through hard data and harder won expertise. Our estimates on how long a project or milestone will take to be reached are based on likewise on experience and data, not theory and wishful thinking.

What we do

Our Capabilities and Solutions

6-8 weeks
PLV OSIP – Disrupting the norm and accelerating the origination of businesses and IP into the adjacencies and white space to leap from your corporate competition. All corporates originate the same way. OSIP goes beyond looking for ‘grazers not herds’…

OSIP is 12-16 week process:

Going through our database with thousands of high quality startups PLV has partnership proprietary software which leverages 10 differing global agile databases from exclusively with Reuters, GE and PLV PitchBooks as well as PLV Cipher

Leveraging our network of over 100+ mentor contacts across the world to get warm introductions

  • Offline, in-market research
  • Social media and PR to create inbound interest
  • Deploying scouts on the ground to add further granular insight
  • Hunt locally offline


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8-10 weeks
De-risking and removing assumptions from your proposed business models from the ‘ground up’ NOT ‘desktop down’

A critical piece of work for any new venture, the VV takes the preferred propositions and validates them in the relevant local geography using specialist teams. In each market, these teams will develop a business case outlining the right partners for sales and logistics, the competitive landscape and market gaps, potential price points, suggested go-to-market strategies, and a full financial case for management presentation. The report will be created with a realistic view of launching every aspect within it – it is NOT about creating more paperwork.


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Contracts ready, channels secured, and business ready to launch

This piece of work usually follows on from the VV to prepare the new business venture for market launch. We focus on realizing all the recommended actions outlined in the VV – agreements with all highlighted parties within the VV to be agreed in principle, most if not all KPI’s and milestones to be set, go-to-market routes to be confirmed, and marketing communications to be developed – to ensure the venture is ready for launch.


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Accurate, cost-effective new initiative launched to first revenues

Once the venture is ‘business ready’ we will launch and manage the pilot. In this stage, a management team consisting of Pilot Lite Ventures specialists mixed with client staff launch or re-launch a business stream across phased piloted stages to further test assumptions and assess most effective routes to revenues and profitability.

Pilot Phase 1 ensures customer and partner acceptance and eradicates assumptions.

Pilot Phase 2 enables key insight as to the readiness of the business to be absorbed and/or scaled by the client.


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Enhanced and accelerated business development
In many cases, clients may already have a product or business operating in the market that for one reason or another, is not meeting its targets. This piece of work assesses why – does the business need new distribution or marketing channels? Different partners? Different enablers? Do we need to test outrider products? Do we need to accelerate sales? Again, in order to stay as precise as possible, we only use local specialist venturing teams in the relevant countries to carry out this work as local knowledge is critical.


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Sometimes clients need help raising investment to fund their projects.
Companies typically have a lot of cash but often it gets allocated to the top ten markets and products meaning that good ideas often miss out. Our Strategic Accelerated Funding offer helps find co-investment for undercapitalised products or portfolios.


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Once a client is up and running, we test whether partners are doing and behaving correctly and in a client’s interests.
For example, is there supply chain seepage, is there negligence, is everything contractually and legally compliant? Our Partner Assurance Evaluation service will answer these concerns


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Everything starts with an idea

We have developed our products to provide a mix of specialisms that bridge the gap from business plan development, to market validation, all the way through to venture commercialisation. Whatever your need is, we can help you make it happen.