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Your common questions

Asking constantly whether a venture is "viable, valuable and financeable" ? In this video we try and address those questions with our Venture Valuation, Business Ready and Launch services.

Sometimes we start from a different place

Our services are interchangeable and tailored to your specific needs. In this second part of the video we highlight our Strategic Accelerated Funding (SAF), Accelerated Business Development and Partner Assurance Commercial Evaluation services.

The big picture

In this last part we give you a birds eye overview of all that we do and how we can help.

What we do

Our Capabilities and Solutions

6-8 weeks
PLV OSIP – Disrupting the norm and accelerating the origination of businesses and IP into the adjacencies and white space to leap from your corporate competition. All corporates originate the same way. OSIP goes beyond looking for ‘grazers not herds’…

OSIP is 12-16 week process:

Going through our database with thousands of high quality startups PLV has partnership proprietary software which leverages 10 differing global agile databases from exclusively with Reuters, GE and PLV PitchBooks as well as PLV Cipher

Leveraging our network of over 100+ mentor contacts across the world to get warm introductions

  • Offline, in-market research
  • Social media and PR to create inbound interest
  • Deploying scouts on the ground to add further granular insight
  • Hunt locally offline


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8-10 weeks
De-risking and removing assumptions from your proposed business models from the ‘ground up’ NOT ‘desktop down’

A critical piece of work for any new venture, the VV takes the preferred propositions and validates them in the relevant local geography using specialist teams. In each market, these teams will develop a business case outlining the right partners for sales and logistics, the competitive landscape and market gaps, potential price points, suggested go-to-market strategies, and a full financial case for management presentation. The report will be created with a realistic view of launching every aspect within it – it is NOT about creating more paperwork.


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Contracts ready, channels secured, and business ready to launch

This piece of work usually follows on from the VV to prepare the new business venture for market launch. We focus on realizing all the recommended actions outlined in the VV – agreements with all highlighted parties within the VV to be agreed in principle, most if not all KPI’s and milestones to be set, go-to-market routes to be confirmed, and marketing communications to be developed – to ensure the venture is ready for launch.


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Accurate, cost-effective new initiative launched to first revenues

Once the venture is ‘business ready’ we will launch and manage the pilot. In this stage, a management team consisting of Pilot Lite Ventures specialists mixed with client staff launch or re-launch a business stream across phased piloted stages to further test assumptions and assess most effective routes to revenues and profitability.

Pilot Phase 1 ensures customer and partner acceptance and eradicates assumptions.

Pilot Phase 2 enables key insight as to the readiness of the business to be absorbed and/or scaled by the client.


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Enhanced and accelerated business development
In many cases, clients may already have a product or business operating in the market that for one reason or another, is not meeting its targets. This piece of work assesses why – does the business need new distribution or marketing channels? Different partners? Different enablers? Do we need to test outrider products? Do we need to accelerate sales? Again, in order to stay as precise as possible, we only use local specialist venturing teams in the relevant countries to carry out this work as local knowledge is critical.


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Sometimes clients need help raising investment to fund their projects.
Companies typically have a lot of cash but often it gets allocated to the top ten markets and products meaning that good ideas often miss out. Our Strategic Accelerated Funding offer helps find co-investment for undercapitalised products or portfolios.


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Once a client is up and running, we test whether partners are doing and behaving correctly and in a client’s interests.
For example, is there supply chain seepage, is there negligence, is everything contractually and legally compliant? Our Partner Assurance Evaluation service will answer these concerns


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Everything starts with an idea

We have developed our products to provide a mix of specialisms that bridge the gap from business plan development, to market validation, all the way through to venture commercialisation. Whatever your need is, we can help you make it happen.