Has your corporate R&D team developed IP that was abandoned because it didn’t meet current KPIs? Has a change in corporate strategy left R&D projects on the bench? 

Pilot Lite is a pioneer and international leader in venture management with a successful track record of more than 10 years helping multi-national corporations accelerate the commercialization of their R&D and innovation, from de-risking and validating opportunities through operationalization to launch and scale.

The client challenge

The client asked Pilot Lite to assist in commercializing a new plant-based dip, a product that was considerably outside the corporate’s well-established business.


Our solution

Pilot Lite completed a pre-launch validation and business readiness planning, including marketing, branding, logistics, distribution, independent outlet contracting and budget on a stand-alone, outsourced basis.

We exceeded client expectations, taking the new product from manufacturing to market sales within 3 months. Unit sales were more than 3 times anticipated. We achieved product take up at more than 40 outlets and another 1,000 outlets are planned.