Take a look at some of projects we have worked on to get a clearer picture of the impact we can have.

Over half of the projects that we have been invited to work on have been successfully launched. This compares with 15% of Venture Capital firms and 5% of corporate ventures that succeed. Our clients cover both private and public sectors and we have worked across the globe in Europe, India, China, Africa and the Americas.

Whether it is starting a new business, accelerating product launches, redeploying existing IP in new growth markets or raising third party investor financing, we have a great track record of making it happen. Whatever our clients’ need, our focus is always to ensure they have better in-market commercial validation, with better managed risk, in order to find faster routes to first revenues and justify further investment.

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We have worked for major corporates all over the world, in Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe.
Here is a sample of the successful projects we have been involved in: